※ As of December 4, 2017, the official website “Frequently Asked Questions” is as follows.

Do I need a cancellation fee to change the number of people?
there is no need.

Can I use the card for payment?
We do not handle it.

How many parking lots are available?
About 20 units are possible. A mini bus is also possible.

Is there a barbecue space or can it be used even in the rainy season?
There is a dedicated place. You can use it in the rainy weather in the rain.

Is it possible to stay with pets?
Pet OK for dogs only.
For details, please see the notes on use of pet accompanying person.

Is there a convenience store / liquor store / supermarket etc in the vicinity?
Lawson is located 10 minutes north by car, and there are 2 supermarkets.
→ Please see the Food Procurement Guide for details.

Is there a hospital nearby?
There is Biwako Ohashi Bridge Hospital in Katada.
TEL 077-573-4321

I’d like to send my luggage in advance, which would you like to send to?
Please wear it in the afternoon on the day of stay. (Frozen and cool flights are not allowed)
〒520-0471 Otsu City Shiga Prefecture 7-1 Kuzukawa Kawagawa Town addressed to sparrow
TEL 080-3824-1518

Is there an air conditioning / heating facility?
We are located.

Amenity is?
There is no shampoo, rinse, body soap, so please have what you need.
Please tell us what you do not have cookware related.
Almost complete.

What is the charge for returning without staying?
It is the same charge as when staying.