Notes on the use


※As of December 4, 2017, it was described like this.

Notes on the use of sparrows 【Please be sure to read】

  1. If there is change of the number of guests and use of optional furniture etc, we will settle at check in so please declare.
  2. Smoking outdoors please.
  3. Because the roof is easy to burn, please do not turn at the house in the case of fireworks.
    Please be sure to lock the door when you go out. Please be sure to lock your car in the parking lot as well.
    Please manage your valuables by yourself. Please note that it is lost, damaged, etc.
    I can not take any responsibility for troubles and accidents during my stay.
  4. The hotel uses mountain spring water. Although it is possible to drink (water quality tested) please use boiled if you are worried.
    Please return the used fixtures to their original location. Do not take it home again. If damaged, please declare when checking out.
    (It may be subject to compensation)
  5. Please note on your forgotten things on your way back.
  6. Please note especially the inside of the refrigerator. In the unlikely event that food is left behind, we will dispose of it. Others will contact you so we will contact you or will be sent by cash on delivery.
  7. Please cooperate with garbage collecting “burnable garbage” · “bottles, cans, PET bottles” · “garbage” separately.
  8. There may be administrators entering for management.
    Notes on using the pet-accompanying person

Notes on using the pet-accompanying person

  1. Pets (limited to small and medium size dogs, up to 2 principals in principle) are limited to those who requested to do so at the time of reservation.
  2. It is ¥ 1,500 per night per head.
  3. Pets are only available in the soil. Also please bring bedding and gauges for dogs.
  4. Treatment of excrement is responsible as burning garbage.
  5. Please do not use vaccinations (more than 5 kinds of mixtures), dogs not pretending to prevent rabies.
  6. Dogs with chewing habits and quarrelings should pay attention enough to use the mouth ring.
    Pet’s behavior should be monitored by the owner responsible.
    In the unlikely event of an accident, we ask that our owner’s responsibility to resolve it.
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    Please agree to the above, please use it.