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■ Photos inside and outside the building

We have thoroughly necessary items such as bedding, air conditioning and heating equipment, kitchen utensils etc for our stay. Please bring all seasonings and ingredients.
[FREE Fixtures]
Bedroom: mattress, quilt, pillow, blanket, blanket, sheets
· Cooking Appliances: Microwave oven, toaster, refrigerator, rice cooker, cassette stove, coffee maker, electric kettle, hot plate
· Cooking utensils: bowl, bamboo, marbles, chopsticks, kitchen knife, chopping board, pot, frying pan, soba pan, sukiyaki pot
· Crockery: chopsticks, spoon, fork, dish (large and small), bowl, glass, mug, wine glass
Toilet · Bathroom: shampoo, rinse, body soap, hand soap, hair dryer
※ Amenity (toothbrush, razor etc), towel and pajama are not available.
Living Room: Air Conditioner (× 4), Large Oil Stove, Halogen Heater, Fan
※ There is no equipment such as TV, Internet etc.
Daigaku: Karaoke set, CD stereo
Play Equipment: Table Tennis Set, Badminton Set, Dodge Ball, Soccer Ball