“SUZUMENOOYADO” is traditional thatches roof private-house located north of Kyoto,50 min. by car.
It is enjoyable for both families and friends. You can rent the whole house,so that you are able to experience the traditional Japanese life style without disturbance.Available not only for overnighters with family up to 10 guests but also for day-trippers in spare time from leisure activities.
You can enjoy B.B.Q / golf / fishing / in summer,skiing / snow-board / hot spring / in winter.Please have a happy and relaxing time in “SUZUMENOOYADO”.

茅葺き屋根の貸別荘「Suzumenooyado」をGoogle翻訳で訳すと、The cottage with a thatched roof “Suzumenooyado”となった。茅葺きが平仮名だと、「Suzumenooyado condominium complex on the roof top」とこんなにも変わる。


その昔、若狭から京都へ鯖を運び「鯖街道」と呼ばれた 国道 367 号線に沿って広がる山村、葛川 ( かつらがわ )。
当お宿はその最北端に位置し、雄大な自然の中に現れる かやぶき屋根はまるで「日本昔ばなし」のような世界を かもし出しています。


A mountain village,Katsuragawa which carries mackerels from Wakasa to Kyoto and spreads along National Road No.367 called “Mackerel Road” in the old days.
The villa suzumenooyado located at the northernmost tip of the area, and the thatched roof that appears in the majestic nature creates a world like “Japanese old tale”.